Scientific credibility & the theory of evolution through natural selection

At the onset of the theory of evolution there was a grand debate. The problem was that Darwin’s theory of evolution made a prediction that contradicted the then established facts on the fossil-record. These established facts were that new species formed: almost instantly, fully evolved and always exactly at the borderlines between the different rock-layers. Darwin’s theory on the other hand only allowed for (very slow) gradual and continues change, which was all totally independent of the geology that formed the different rock layers. Officially Darwin’s theory won on the grounds that the fossil-record was simply too incomplete and too fragmented to draw any hard conclusions. But unofficially it is also true that in order to get published, scientists would not present their findings on the fossil-record in any way that could invoke ridicule from their Darwinist piers.

So, while nowadays the research required to solve the mater, is actually quite feasible, it has in fact not been done. And this is a big problem, as all scientific theories must always be tested to the utmost for them to be credible. And this is especially true of any theory that is of such seminal importance to science as the theory of evolution is.

Being a biologist myself I know that this statement will result in a deluge of many theoretical and practical comments as to why I am wrong here. To most biologists I will even seem to be an ignorant fool not worthy of his title. But the fact remains, the research is possible nowadays and it has not been done. So as it stands this is simply a golden bullet that any creationist, or any other critic of the theory of evolution, can use to claim that the theory of evolution is scientifically invalid. They could even claim that the theory of evolution implicitly requires a leap of faith and that is therefore a religion rather than a scientific theory.

Obviously this research needs to be done as soon as possible, and in order for it to be successful and conclusive, I have constructed five questions on which the fossil-record should be judged. I have called these five questions ‘Darwin’s litmus test’ and more information can be found at: http://www.geert.com/LifesLogic.htm. These five questions are so designed that both Darwin’s original version, as well its later developments can be evidence tested.

Note: For all those who would like to contact me in order to tell me that this study of the fossil-record has already been done (punctuated equilibria for example). Please give precise references, and only include those studies that mention the five precise questions (or equivalents) explicitly. I am well aware that many studies have been done, but people can only recognise something if they know what it is that they are looking for. So these five questions are required.

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