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I like helping people

Let me help you solve your problem

Someone, who can invent, can also innovate with ease. Someone, who can invent on a high level, can innovate and improve a company's product line to the next level in no time. My hottest invention, the New-CVT, is truly revolutionary. It is no exaggeration to say that I invented a whole new technology based on a new mathematical shape (article). It even includes a new gear type, the multi-ratio gear. It is on a scale that even scares me.

Small things also matter. I regularly gave tips in a little local restaurant that I went to, and the owner now credits me with helping him create a fast growing and award-winning global restaurant chain. Admittedly I think it is all up to himself, and that at best I only helped him a very little bit, but I do really like how a few of my little creative insights seem to have gone so far.

So I can innovate almost anything and I like helping people.

I am Geert Poelman, a biologist, a Dutch national with English roots, born April 3 1966 in Groningen. I combine the creative method of artists with the scientific mindset of questing everything. I have solved problems in the fields of biology, optics, mechanics, electronics and software. I run a big software project for which I sell licenses direct from the author via the internet, this gives me a lot of freedom as to where I can be and how I organize my time. This software is successful because it contains lots of innovations that are hard to copy.